Deep UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Case Sterilizer Holder

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  • Portable toothbrush sanitizer with advanced Deep DUV-C sanitizing technology: Deep UVC-LED is a new generation clean light source( wave length C band light (250-280nm). The sterilization is 3600 times compared with common light.
  • Sanitizing efficiency can reach up to 99.99%, physical, safe, intelligent and efficient. Use the Deep-UVC-LED to sanitize daily-use toothbrush, so you can rest assured that the toothbrush that you take out is cleaned and sanitized.
  • Suitable for various toothbrush head including electric toothbrush (EXCEPT ORAL B). Portable and easy to use/clean. Pace your toothbrush head in the case, sterilization will start after pressing the power button. The default serilization time is 3mins, It will power off automatically after sterilization completion. The toothbrush container slot can be taken out to clean.
  • Easily recharged via USB: it is built in Lithium-ion battery (240mAh). It take about 3hrs to get full charged.

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