Bluetti SP120 120W Portable Foldable Solar Panel

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  • Model number: SP120
  • Solar cell supplier: Sunpower
  • Peak power (Pm): 120W
  • Voltage at max. power(Vmp): 19.8V
  • Current at max. power(Imp): 6.06A
  • Open circuit voltage(Voc): 23.7V
  • Short circuit current(Isc): 6.66A
  • Operating temperature: -20℃ ~ 65℃
  • Best operating temperature: 25℃
  • Top layer material: ETFE
  • Solar cell material: monocrystalline silicon
  • Solar cell efficiency: up to 23%
  • MPPT technique: support
  • Waterproof level: IP65
  • Folding panels number: 4
  • Dimension (unfolded): 170*41cm
  • Dimension (folded): 41*41cm
  • Weight: 4.3kg

Customer Reviews

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Solar panels

Whether you want to camp away from society for a day or two or want to go completely off the grid, solar power with a power station is the perfect way to use it together. Impressive in its modern design, compact nature, and low weight, it is truly portable and can be opened up and placed directly in the sun to recharge the product, if required.

The SP120 battery panel is great for both, the solar panel is an array of 4 part panels. It folds up into a compact suitcase size and design that is so lightweight that setting it up takes no time at all, and it has pop-up brackets on the back of each panel to hold them perfectly towards the sun. The panels can be easily attached to the unit using the included M4 adapter.
A great kit at a reasonable price, this is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to escape from everyday life and get off the grid.

I have purchased solar panels

I bought one for my dad last year and it's an absolute delight 👏.
I'm so glad I bought the solar panel as I definitely need one for my campervan trips!
It's really so handy to be able to charge up anywhere there's sun!
Highly recommended 👌

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Get Start in solar

The BLUETTI SP120 Solar Panel (120W) is perfect for new customers wanting to get a start in solar. It's great for off-grid applications, such as RVs, trailers, boats, sheds, and cabins — providing many benefits, including, but not limited to, quiet power production and grid independence. Adding a monocrystalline solar panel + solar generator kit can extend your travels further than ever before. Compatible with all BLUETTI Solar Power Stations.

AC200P charging different devices


The open-circuit voltage is 23.7V. Thus its conversion efficiency is much higher than another solar panel with low ocv (18-22V). With High Efficiency 23% more than 120 watts solar panel. Higher efficiency.

Please attention:
◉  It's highly recommended to place the solar in strong direct sunlight to absorb enough sunlight and reach the max conversion efficiency.

◉ Please make sure the front side of the solar panel is not partially covered when it works in sunlight. Otherwise, the solar panel may be damaged.

Why choose Bluetti SP120 solar panel?

It is a 120W solar panel with the cell: SunPower. The SunPower cell lamination (Transmittance 95-97%) is much better than PET material because it was anti-scratch and durable. What is more, the efficiency is also much higher than PET material (Transmittance 88%).

Bluetti SP120's Cell Structure

IP67 waterproof

Solar Panel Type: Mono-crystalline and Surface of solid ETFE material. Permeable and splash-proof - made of hard-wearing Oxford fabric, durable like a backpack.

Bluetti SP120's Product Structure

Models that the SP120 can charge

Capacity ot the devices/ 120W = Charging time (Hrs)

Bluetti SP120's Product Charging Time

Suitable for all Users of Solar Energy

Trouble-free and quick connection to the power stations thanks to the already MC4 connector. Simple operation, Multiple in series.

SP120 charging in camping scenarios


SP120 charging at boat


AC200P charging in camperan scenarios


SP120 charging in RV scenarios


Easy to Carry and Space-Saving

BLUETTI SP120 Solar Panel is four foldable design which makes it smaller, saves much space.Only 9.48Ibs, which is portable to take away with you.
With 4*kickstand on the back of the solar panel, ensure it has the best angle for receiving solar light. The length of the MC4 cable is 3 meters long.
The package has a small bag to contain the MC4 cable you need.

AC and Solar charging at the same time

How to charge with solar power?

Note: Purchase the BLUETTI Solar Power Station +120W solar panel items, including all connected accessories, no need to purchase other accessories.

how to charge with solar powerhow to charge with solar power

What’s in the box

1×BLUETTI 120W Solar Panel
1× MC4 Cable(3M)
1× User Manual
1× Service Card

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description of SP120 accessories